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The home page is available with the x-system, Unicode , (systems of writing Esperanto accents) and English.

Census of Esperantists

This is a census of Esperantists worldwide. Please click here or send an email to me at with your name and email adress, and whether you want to be included in the list of Esperantists. Note: if you do not speak Esperanto, or do not well enough to understand the instructions in the Esperanto translation, you are not fluent enough for the purposes of the census. However, if you are learning, please come back when you can. I will try to be open with levels of fluency beyond that (The census itself will not be translated). If you do not, but would like to learn how, this is a good place to start.

Alternatively, you can to to a mirror of the census.

Many thanks.

I am making a chart with a list of those respondants who chose that their information be on the list. Click here for the list.

There were 17 respondants as of the 25 of April.

Webrings, links, etc.

Cxi tiu Esperanto-ringa tttejo estas estrata de
Popolsumigo de Esperantistoj.

Cxu vi volas membriaux en Esperanto-ringo?
Akiru la informon!
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[Hazarda] [Indekso]

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